Care for Nature,

Belief in People.

Aside from our dedication to sustainable products and packing, we also support employees with disabilities, and those who have difficulty to perform in the normal labor market.

We take responsibility in creating a better product and a better world.

At Vintage Paint, we thrive for sustainable paint production, packaging and delivery. Next to that, we also support social causes by engaging workers with challenges entering the general labour market.

Vintage Paint is packed in recycled tins and boxes by people with disabilities or other physical or mental difficulties. We provide them with a stable job and motivate them by engaging them deeply in our production.

We hope to help make the world not only a greener planet, but also a warmer place.

Crafted with Care

All our stamped lids are made by Harry in person.

It's all about passion

Day in and day out, and he loves it!

Support our cause and our people

Your satisfaction and support for our products help us move forward.