The Power of a small can of Vintage Chalk Paint

What to do with the leftover paint or with the 100 ml can of Vintage Paint?

The 100 ml can of paint may look small but it is enough to complete a variety of projects!

With this amount of paint, you can transform many things giving them a new look: small pieces of furniture, frames, candle holders, other decor objects, and much more.

Here are 10 inspirational DIY makeover projects that you can quickly and easily do and thanks to our water-based natural matt paint you can do it in any room.

1 - Nightstand

Why buy a new night stand when you can easily transform an old one?

This way you give it a new life, saving money and helping the planet! It is important to consider the overall style and colour scheme of your room when choosing a nightstand. It should complement your bed and other furniture in your bedroom. Displaying photos of cherished memories can bring a sense of comfort and warmth to your bedroom. 

Here we used Warm Grey to upcycle an old nightstand
and played with different knobs to give it an original look.


2 - Straw hat

The straw hat is a must-have fashion accessory that protects from the sun in the summer and offers everyone the freedom to express their personality with colours and style. The magic of Vintage Paint is that you can use it on almost any material, like straw, without any special preparation. The Vintage Paint palette is harmonious and makes it easy for anyone to find the right colour combinations. 

Here we used Dark Lavender and decorated the small ribbon
with a lighter shadow of the same colour, French Lavender. 


3 - Ceramic vase

After many years you can easily get tired of an old ceramic vase. Or you want to move it to another room, and make it match with the colour scheme there. In either case, you can give it an easy makeover with some drops of Vintage Paint.

Here we used Dusty Blue and for a sheen finish the Glossy Varnish of Vintage Paint.


4 - Chalkboard

With a 100 ml tin of Black Velvet and any colour of our Natural Wax you can create the most wonderful chalkboard on any material and write a nice message on it with normal chalk. Then you can erase it with a damp sponge and write a new one, leaving each day a sweet message to your loved ones.

Not only our Black Velvet colour is good for creating a chalkboard. For the lighter shades, use coloured chalk to write or draw on them.


5 - Cardboard box

If you have to store something in plain sight, it might as well look beautiful. All you need is a round cardboard box and some drops of Vintage Paint to create a nice, seasonal decoration. You can leave the box open to show a bouquet of dried flowers for example. 

This box was painted with Delightful Plum. In this case, no wax or varnish sealing is necessary.


6 - Side table

Every home needs at least one side table. You can decide if you want them to fit in the colour scheme or give it an accent with a pop-out colour. If you cannot decide, you can transform this small piece of furniture by the seasons, you can easily change its colour without sanding it. All you need is a 100 ml Vintage Paint can.  

Vintage Cream is a neutral choice that easily pairs with many other colours.


7 - Candle sticks

Candles and candlesticks can be used to spruce up your interior design. Especially if they have an interesting shape, they can add a nice decorative touch wherever you place them. When choosing a color scheme, remember that the color of the candles should match the color of the main interior items.

Using white makes it all elegant, like we did with a 100 ml tin of Natural White.


8 - Lamp

The Devil is in the detail… and quite often, you will find those details in the soft furnishings, like lampshades. They are often overlooked, and yet, they are an important element in the overall decor of a room. They can give any room a fresh look, while complementing everything you already love in it. If, for example, you paint a piece of furniture with Petrol Blue, why not paint the lampshade in the same colour as well?

With Vintage Paint you can also paint fabric.

The body of this lamp was painted with our Silver Metallic colour.


9 - Picture frames

Picture frames can add a creative element to your home. Depending on the wall colour, you can select the right style and size of frames to add a nice decorative touch. Nowadays, frames are readily available in several materials and shapes and with a 100 ml tin of Vintage Paint you can easily customize the colour of many. 

Bright Green is a vibrant and bold choice and can suit many styles.


10 - Wicker basket

A wicker basket has a variety of uses and would be ideal for picnics, storage in the bathrooms, collecting fruits from the garden, or even for shopping in the market. It can also be used as a decor piece with some flowers or lace. Flowers, peeking from the sides of the basket are a fond reminder of our outdoor adventures. 

If you paint it with a light pastel colour like Powder Blue you can easily create a romantic corner in your living space.

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